How to

Get your boss to approve your trip to Digital Summit

We know that spending any of your marketing budget on travel can be a tough sell, but also that continuous training and networking with other brands in your region and beyond brings out the most creative and innovative work from marketing teams across the U.S.

Here are some critical talking points to get your boss' approval to attend Digital Summit in 2024.

Too busy to format your request? Use these AI-generated request templates

Make your case with these key talking points

We offer tiered pricing to fit your budget, and is much more reasonable than our national competitors when it comes to value per dollar.

We're regional, which provides cost-saving travel benefits and more impactful networking with businesses who understand your part of the country.

Teams can access discount rates for groups starting at just three people. Contact our reg team to learn more about what you can save.

The speakers we enlist are the perfect mix of national brands providing behind-the-scenes insights and regional heavyweight brands killing it in your area.

Sweeten your offer with these takeaway ideas

  • Offer to lead a group training to others on your team on a particular topic you learned about at the event once you are back in the office. 
  • Include links to the agenda/sessions you know will bring the most value to your marketing initiatives. 
  • Review the sponsors for the event and include a brief overview of which ones you plan to make time to speak with at the event (in order to save everyone in-office time on virtual meetings with potential vendors).

Add something visual from our digital summit interview series

These interviews feature some of the top speakers joining us at Digital Summit events this year with previews of their sessions. Show your boss exactly the kind of actionable insights you'll be able to walk away with (and some of the incredible marketers at large that you will be able to meet!)

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