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I chose Digital Summit after hearing good things from previous sponsors, and I found the mid-market sized audience of the summit perfect for my agency. My presentation on ad spend efficiency was very well received as a result, and has generated strong new business interest in the weeks afterwards.

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It was an absolute pleasure to work with Digital Summit and I hope this won't be the last time. The  team is not only organized and communicative, but they're also fun, kind, and real - all things that made the whole experience enjoyable. Because of that, we felt as though we could show up as ourselves as sponsors of the summit. We had some great conversations at Digital Summit and I'm hopeful those can turn into more than that!

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Our experience with Digital Summit as a company has exceeded expectations not only in safety but in leads as well. We've noticed higher quality attendance then what we've seen on previous events (pre-covid). They've created a safe environment for us and the attendees to maximize education and B2B relationships.

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