The DNA of Digital Summit

Since our humble beginnings in 2008, Digital Summit has strived to be the place for immersive training & networking for digital marketers.

It's a nice sentiment, but what does that really mean for you?

Like the DNA flowing in your cells or the job experience on your resume, the impact of Digital Summit on the marketing community is unique and shaped by where we came from. Our goal is simple: be the most impactful and affordable in-person marketing training that comes to your backyard.

Large, inpersonal MarTech and user conferences headlined by celebrities abound in today's marketplace.

Don't get us wrong, we love what they do. But when you're expected to spend a full month's ad spend just on your registration, flights and hotels, the majority of the 350,000 marketers just in the United States will never be able to make a case to get that cost approved.

So we set out to do something better.

Events that are personal and intentional

Digital Summit is designed for connection with your local community and local marketing experts, staying budget-friendly, and building a strong community for you to engage with.

Cutting-edge training from brands you're dreaming to work for

Learning from the most viral and exciting brands makes it more fun. We leverage our strong partnerships with some of the country’s largest brands as well as the most influential brands in your region to bring you marketing training that is just as cool as it is impactful for your brands.

Networking to find your next opportunity

Overall employment of the marketing industry is projected to grow 6% from 2022 to 2032, faster than the average for all occupations (US Bureau of Labor Statistics). We design our networking spaces to give you time to connect with your local marketing community to find your mentor and source your next career opportunity.

Who Comes to Digital Summit

Marketing Directors

These experienced professionals excel in digital marketing, marketing, social media, analytics, or a related field. It's not uncommon for directors to focus on a discipline, rather than across many areas of digital (while simultaneously running a cross-functional marketing team).

Marketing Managers

These marketers focus on everything from print, to digital to trade shows. Many consider themselves generalists rather than experts (out of sheer necessity in their roles). Budgets are a large part of their struggle, making as much magical content as they can in a cash-strapped position.

Marketing Executives, VPs & CMOs

Typically coming with their team, marketing executives at Digital Summit will focus on networking, speaking with vendors, and attending sessions relevant to growth areas needed on their team. These executives report back that they enjoy sessions that discuss team building, leadership, coaching and similar topics to continue their development as leaders.

Agency Account Executives

Agency executives offer services such as social media, content, web design, analytics, SEO, paid media, campaign planning and more.​ Many of these folks attending Digital Summit are the ones wearing several hats. Many are most likely “strategist” types, and not specialists.​

Marketing Specialists & Coordinators

The newest among us: their roles in are in digital marketing, marketing, social media, analytics, or a related field. What these marketers lack for in experience they make up for in innovation and energy, sharing their spark with everyone at the show.​