Full Name
Christina Garnett
Job Title
Fractional Chief Customer Officer
Pocket CCO
Speaker Bio
Christina Garnett, a fractional chief customer officer and advisor, has a talent for boosting customer satisfaction and fostering brand loyalty. Her expertise spans from Fortune 500 companies to startups, touching every sector from agencies to small businesses. Christina excels in problem-solving, program optimization, and enhancing social media and community engagement, all with a focus on creating authentic connections between brands and their audiences.

Christina believes in real, authentic connections. That's her secret sauce for leaving a lasting impression on how brands and customers interact online. Her expertise in social listening and community building has landed her spots in HubSpot Academy (Social Media, Social Listening), Semrush Academy (Social Listening), and On Deck's Community Builder Program (Advocacy as a Growth Lever).

She's shared her insights at conferences like INBOUND and Digital Summit, as well as dozens of podcasts, bringing practical advice to those looking to deepen their brand-customer relationships. You can find her thoughts featured in Adweek, The Next Web, and Forbes.
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Christina Garnett