Funny You Should Post That: Unleash Your Inner Comedian Online
Date & Time
Tuesday, October 17, 2023, 2:30 PM - 3:00 PM

Gone are the days of friendly competition when it comes to social media. All’s fair in love & TikTok! Real time commentary in every corner of your market will help you win your audience's attention and create a loyal following that will convert. 

 After this session, you'll be able to start:

  • Unlocking the Power of Humor: Learn how to infuse humor strategically into your social media content, transforming it from ordinary to engaging, and discover why humor is a secret weapon in digital marketing.
  • Creating Memorable Social Moments: Explore simple yet effective techniques for crafting content that resonates with your audience, leaving a lasting impression and sparking conversations that extend your brand's reach.
  • Mastering Conversational Personality: Define your unique conversational persona to connect authentically with your audience, drive fast growth, and foster a loyal online community that eagerly awaits your content.
  • Outsmarting the Competition: Identify gaps in your competitors' social media conversations and capitalize on missed opportunities, ensuring your brand stands out and stays ahead in the crowded digital landscape.

Who should attend? This session is for digital marketers and content creation managers looking to gain a funny edge on their competition on social media.

Location Name
Room 1
Session Type
30-minute Breakout
Session Topic
Social Media