Is Generative AI Essential to Your Marketing Strategy? Applying Product Thinking to Effectively Evaluate Emerging Technologies
Date & Time
Monday, October 16, 2023, 12:30 PM - 1:15 PM

Every company is in a rush to add generative AI capabilities to their digital marketing mix, but is the rush actually helping anyone? In this session, we’ll explore the pros and cons of building Gen AI into your marketing tools and customer-facing digital experience, and learn how bleeding-edge digital product companies leverage design thinking to assess emerging technologies while prioritizing user needs. Gain insights from practical stats and real-world examples showcasing how Gen AI is reshaping the tech landscape.

Actionable tactics you can apply after this session:

  • Uncover the benefits and drawbacks of integrating Generative AI into your marketing strategy
  • Apply design thinking principles to assess emerging technologies with a focus on user-centric solutions
  • Showcase the transformative power of Gen AI through practical statistics and real-world case studies
  • Assess key considerations in determining if Generative AI should be a core component of your marketing strategy
  • Discover actionable steps to stay ahead in the evolving world of technology-driven marketing
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Room 3
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Breakout Session
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