Authentically Tell Your Brand Story
Date & Time
Tuesday, February 27, 2024, 2:15 PM - 3:00 PM
Tyler Farnsworth

The market craves real. Gone are the days of ultra-polish and puffery. We’re drawn to authentic stories - people and brands we can connect with and call a part of our tribe. Breakthrough brands and people have mastered the art of authentically telling their story.

This session will cut through the buzzwordiness of it all and showcase folks that are crushing due to their ability to craft and share real stories.

We'll break down why this is working and how you can integrate authentic storytelling to propel your own career and rocket the brands you serve.

Actionable tactics you can apply after this session:

  • Become comfortable with authentic storytelling
  • Work through exercises you can do on your own as well as bring back to your team
  • Storytelling best practices of brands and people doing it right
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Room 1
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Breakout Session
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