Full Name
Rod Thill
Job Title
Social Media Strategist
TikTok & WorkDaze
Speaker Bio
Rod Thill has quickly established himself as the voice of the millennial generation and tastemaker at the forefront of the pop-culture movement. Well known for bridging the gap between the algorithm and real life, he has been featured internationally as a leading authoritative voice in workplace environment, health, and culture.

A prominent leader for the corporate-millennial TikTok genre, he has carved a specific niche for himself focusing on the everyday anxieties and mental health struggles faced by the millennial workforce. By pairing everyday office culture difficulties and the golden days of Y2K, his sizeable following on and offline look to him for his proficiency to examine mental health with sincerity and humor.

Rod has recently extended his reach with his audience by introducing his newsletter WorkDaze to further give 15,000+ millennial professionals a smile with relatable career-oriented content.

Rod Thill