Full Name
Sherry (Whitaker) Budziak
Job Title
Founder and CEO
Speaker Bio
Sherry Whitaker Budziak is a visionary leader and a transformative force in the association management industry. Her career commenced with executive roles at two prominent medical associations, where she honed her expertise in organizational leadership. In 2005, Sherry founded .orgSource, a trailblazing consulting firm that empowers associations to navigate disruption and complex environments to achieve their missions. Under her strategic direction, .orgSource has garnered numerous awards and has served hundreds of associations, driving unprecedented innovation and strategic growth. The firm's focus on strategy, operations, technology and culture has revolutionized organizations, fueled by Sherry's unwavering drive and passion.

Sherry is a sought-after coach, an influential keynote speaker, and a co-author of two notable books on disruption, digital transformation, and entrepreneurship. She is currently writing her third book, further cementing her thought leadership. As the host of the acclaimed podcast "Association 4.0," Sherry delves into the future of associations and innovative leadership strategies.

Her unique blend of personal resilience and professional acumen makes Sherry an indispensable speaker and consultant. Her profound insights and experiences offer invaluable guidance to association leaders, inspiring them to propel their organizations forward in their own journeys of innovation and growth.
Sherry (Whitaker) Budziak