Full Name
Mike Brennan
Job Title
Creator & Communicator
Daily Creative Habit
Speaker Bio
Mike Brennan, author of Make Fun a Habit: The Creative PLAYbook for Making Life and Work Fun Again, isn't your typical Creative Consultant and Communicator; he's a passionate advocate for reigniting the lost art of fun and creativity.

Mike's expertise goes beyond the pages of his book. He's helped renowned clients like Heineken and Chase Bank infuse creativity, innovation, and fun into their work. His art graces prestigious spaces like the Ronald McDonald House and the I.D.E.A. Museum in Mesa, Arizona.

What sets Mike apart is his commitment to helping individuals and organizations harness the transformative power of creativity. With a unique Daily Creative Habit process honed over a decade, he empowers people to seamlessly integrate innovation into their routines, making life and work more vibrant and fulfilling. Through his words, art, actions, and unwavering dedication to the cause, Mike inspires us all to make fun not just a habit but a way of life.

Mike Brennan