Your Survival Guide to the Ad Targeting Apocalypse
Date & Time
Wednesday, July 31, 2024, 3:15 PM - 4:00 PM
Josh Muskin

Ad Platforms started removing targeting a few years ago and it’s not slowing down. Today, they are now promoting 'broad' targeting and automation more than ever.

The success of your marketing over the next 5 years will be 100% reliant on the signals you're able to send ad platforms, not the audiences you can create. What should those signals be? How do you use and leverage them to drive revenue?

Actionable tactics you can apply after this session

Identify and implement your top signal to share with ad platforms

Test into this signal-based approach from your current one

Remeasure the effectiveness of your paid efforts (and identify which to scale)

Location Name
Plaza Ballroom C
Session Type
Breakout Session
Session Topic
Marketing Operations
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