How to Squeeze More Results from your Paid Ads Budgets
Date & Time
Wednesday, December 13, 2023, 10:15 AM - 10:45 AM

In 2024, marketers will again be tasked with producing similar results as previous years... with much less budget. Russ will share his paid media team's top tips to draw more revenue from less spend, with a selection of ad account auditing tips that range from simple (but worth reinforcing), to intermediate, and complex. Russ grew up in small business, so brings a scrappy approach to ad spend efficiency. All actionable hacks, no fluff. Let's go!

Actionable tactics you can apply after this session:

  • Apply 23 actionable ad account auditing tips to take back to your paid media team
  • Successfully navigate ad managers on Meta, Google, TikTok, LinkedIn and more
  • Learn tips to close the loop/draw ROI from highly engaged organic social users
  • Hear a minimum 3x Aussie puns ☺
Location Name
Room 3
Session Type
30-minute Breakout
Session Topic
Paid Ads
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